Workers suggesting that a lack of skill in recruited workforceenables errors like that of yesterdays radioactive spill...Guerra Earth reported Feb 21, 2014. Now in NYTIMES: Unskilled and Destitute Are Hiring Targets for Fukushima Cleanup By HIROKO TABUCHI, MARCH 16, 201



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MARCH 20, 2014 New Article

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DEAR AMERICA: Will you marry the future?



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Entered by Guerra Earth 11:46 EST

3:23 AM - 23 Feb 2014 Japan Standard Time

Workers discussing "contaminated water of ultra-high concentration" and the lapses of management on site at the Fukushima plant--exposure concerns.




WEBCAST NEWS: The International Workshop on Radiation and Thyroid Cancer in Tokyo, February 21-23, 2014, co-hosted by the Ministry of the Environment, Fukushima Medical University, and the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency.


Entered by Guerra Earth 13:53 EST

9:37 PM - 21 Feb 2014 Japan Standard Time

Sentiment inside the plant seems to consolidate around a desire for TEPCO personnel to handle tasks as opposed to outside contractors; especial areas of concern:


"contaminated water control method, control room, control monitor, the operator group system, transfer switching determination, miscommunication, prejudice, misunderstanding, skill of the operator, negligence."


Worker chatterline inside the plant mentioned an "hypothesis of negligence in the matter of contaminated water leakage of the H6 area," but without any deliberate negligence.




Entered by Guerra Earth 13:30 EST

6:58 AM - 21 Feb 2014 Japan Standard Time

Fierce concerns reported among workforce at plant. Lack of training/safety awareness and mistrust of leadership said to be corrupt and crime-boss related.Complaints of widespread "deception" and "hypocrisy." Water pollution caused by sustained, continued storage tank leakage of highly radioactive water intoground soil. Fragile equipment. Accelerated TEPCO business "renaissance" plan in the face of out-of-control nuclear clean-up.Regarding current leak crisis: one of the valve involved is manual. A manual valve operated either by incompetence, mistake or malice has been suggested:"It's not failure if manual valve," reports one worker. 21 Feb. 6AM Japan.The valve on/off mechanism functions in a very specific way as regards direction and placement. Workers suggesting that a lack of skill in recruited workforceenables errors like that of yesterdays radioactive spill..."some people do not even realize..." functionality of the mechanical valve. Yet in this case yesterday,it seems that the "same people who always" work this valve were on duty.Hurried measures taken yesterday. Leaving contaminated water in the rain ditches.



Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant New Leak

Feb. 20 2014 

Valve leak. 100 metric tonnes of contaminated water thought to be at 240 million becquerels. Direct to groundwater, not ocean. Farmers and fishermen irate. Fearfull. Valve leak in part due to rookie worker mistakes, reporting from within Fukushima plant by workers that number of personnel is 3,000 persons of varying states of awareness regarding operations and dangers. Ongoing pump operation concerns.







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